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The Buffelskloof Herbarium (BNRH),

one of the largest private herbaria in Africa, houses c. 26 000 specimens including over 50 types.


Initially established in 1999 to document the flora of Buffelskloof Nature Reserve, the Herbarium has continued developing and now includes samples from the whole of Mpumalanga and beyond.

Also lodged here are significant specialist collections of ferns, Asparagaceae, Moraceae, Rubiaceae and the woody flora of Mozambique.


Researchers are welcome to visit Buffelskloof Herbarium by prior appointment with the Curator . 

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Pressed specimens of fertile plants with complete associated collecting data will be gratefully received by the Herbarium; in return (where possible) specimen names will be provided free of charge.


However, we will charge R60.00 per sample for sterile specimens and those with incomplete data as we cannot incorporate them into the Herbarium.




Removal of DNA material from specimens housed in BNRH; costs (excluding postage and packing) are:

Samples from 1-10 specimens = R100 each

Samples from 11-20 specimens = R75 each

Samples from more than 20 specimens = R50 each.



       Buffelskloof Herbarium (BNRH):                       digitization of the collection

The Buffelskloof Herbarium collection, originally captured on PRECIS (Pretoria Computerised Information Systems) Specimen Database, it was one of the first herbaria in South Africa to transfer its database to the BRAHMS program in 2012.

The Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System (BRAHMS), an extremely versatile computer program was designed at Oxford University, UK, initially for managing herbarium collections. In recent years, however, the BRAHMS team has been developing and increasing the scope of the application to include all kinds of natural history collections and research worldwide.



Currently, the Manager of BNRH is in discussion with the team in Oxford to put an illustrated list of all the species housed in the Herbarium on to BOL (BRAHMS online). Meanwhile, BNRH taxa lists are available as pdfs.

Bona fide researchers may request details of specimens held at BNRH by contacting us directly. 

Barbara Turpin

Herbarium Manager