The Asparagus of Southern Africa

Sandie & John Burrows

The aim of this project is to completely revise the nomenclature (names) of African Asparagus species by going back to basics and revisiting all the type localities (where they were first collected) and get to understand the correct concepts for each species. It is anticipated that ± 30 new species will be described as new to science. The end product will be a comprehensive well-illustrated book covering all the known
Asparagus species in Southern and  South-central Africa


Asparagus laricinus, betw. Bloemfontein
Aparagus lignosus, 14876, Villiersdorp_0

A Photographic Guide to the Wild Flowers of Buffelskloof

                                                                     Barbara Turpin

            The aim is to document and illustrate every forb occurring on, and in the vicinity of, Buffelskloof Nature                      Reserve. This is a  long term  project attempting  to documen t the 860+  forbs and  geoxylic  suffrutices

            found on or near the Reserve. Each  taxon  will be  illustrated  by at least  three photographs  showing its

            habit along with salient features and the accompanying text kept to a minimum. So far, the pages for 128                    taxa have  been completed  and a further  189 are in progress. Initially, the  guide will be  in electronic pdf                    format, but it is hoped to publish hard copies eventually.

Impatiens hochstetteri 2.JPG
Impatiens hochstetteri 1.JPG

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